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Stay Selective

 Stacia Greene is our CEO and Lead Event Producer at Stay Selective Event Planning. Stay Selective Event Planning is a full service event planning company located in  NYCOur goal is to provide a full-service  Luxury  experience for each and every client. Our purpose is to ensure that each and every detail is Selected based on the clients dream event.   We pride ourselves on always being  creative and always remaining innovative  during the event planning process. 

My team and I offer a variety of packages and selections to fit your needs. These selections range from Full-Service Planning & Designing, Event Branding, Partial Planning, Event Rentals plus MORE! We love all events, big or small, and we can guarantee you that our designs will be the reason your event is memorable. Whether the event is for a huge milestone, corporate or wedding, Stay Selective Event Planning will get the job done.  Contact us today for the ultimate Selective Experience, trust me you won’t be disappointed! Always remeber your not Picky, just Selective!


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